The Bigger Penis Coach That Knows Your ‘Sizeable’ Needs

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Cock ring-powered, surefire, foolproof, mind-blowing all the way – these are just some ways e-zine articles describe their tips for a bigger, better-performing penis. But are these always the case? Before delving on the wonders of using cock rings (perhaps the single most-recommended bigger penis coach today), here are some frequently suggested methods for a bigger power driller to boast in bed.

If you think that hot showers are merely a luxury or an aphrodisiac activity, think again. It’s been used as a short-term technique, and here’s how it’s done. Direct the water towards your male package, and this increases blood flow and engorges it. A much larger size than normal is usually the result.

Tugging is another short-term fix – gently tug or stretch out your penis. Hold it there for a good 20 seconds, rest, and then repeat the steps. You should gently shake it around in between, and you can see your male friend get more ferocious than normal in just a number of minutes. Jelqing, too, is a popular method often done in conjunction with horshoe cockring use. It’s an exercise routine that’s been around for a while now, considered effective and relatively safe for getting penis lengthening and a bigger girth… naturally.

Do you know what static holds are? They’re similar to the process of tugging, yet you perform them in a semi-erect condition. Pair it with jelqing and perform it more rigorously, according to some male enhancement experts, and you get more permanent male enhancement benefits.

Combining jelqing, static holds, and other penile exercises have been shown to spell more benefits for powering up your penis. Get on a routine, they say – this will help result in a bigger size and magnify the individual effectiveness of the enlarging exercises. One to four inches of increase in penile size have been touted for heat-seeking love missile.

Are there male enhancement “solutions” to avoid, too? Pumps look like a tempting quick, no-hassle fix, but you better beware. They can achieve your bigger-penis goals in a number of weeks or months, yet the risks far outweigh the purported benefits. Skip them altogether as much as you should avoid male enhancement or boner pills, which, with a big probability, are merely junk and heavily reliant on the placebo effect. They’re a total money-waster, if you ask and consult many men’s health practitioners and sex gurus out there.

How about some big, bag cock rings? Horseshoe cock rings, for example, fit the male genitalia very well that they’re often promoted to be the most compatible and easy to use. They are cock-and-ball devices that are recommended for men of all kinds: young, sharp men, mature males, gay partners in bed, and practically everyone in between. There are also other cock ring types out there today, including glass penis rings and ones made of other materials.

However, here’s the best bigger penis coach advice you can get: follow directions carefully so as to maximize the potential benefits without over-constricting your genitals.